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Lathrobium fovulum Stephens, 1833
Family: Staphylinidae
Size: 7.5 mm (6.5 to 8.5 mm)
Distribution: Transpalaearctic, West Siberia to France
Ecology: In wetlands
Location: Germany, Bavaria, Upper Franconia, Selbitz, Doernthal
leg.det. U.Schmidt, 18.IV.1984
Photo: U.Schmidt, 2018

Lathrobium fovulum  (enlarged)

   Lathrobium fovulum   (Flickr)

Lathrobium fovulum   (Wikimedia Commons)

Lathrobium fovulum Stephens, 1833 Genital
Family: Staphylinidae
Description: Aedoeagus, 1.2 mm
Photo: U.Schmidt, 2018

Lathrobium fovulum   (Flickr)

Lathrobium fovulum Genital   (Wikimedia Commons)